Fatwa Department

The department is divided into three sections which include the Islamic Guidelines and Solutions, Marriage Clearance and Certification and Heritage Coordination Sections. The following table provides the functions for each of the sections: -

  • islamic Guidelines and Solutions Section
  • Marriage Clearance Certification Section
  • Heritage Coordination Section

The following are the functions of the Department of Fatwa: -


  • Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, procedures, guidelines and regulations for supporting the development and promotion of Fatwa in Somaliland
  • Supervision and organization of fatwa affairs in the Somaliland including the Committee for translating and interpreting Islamic culture, religion and issues which are usually done by Sheiks
  • Coordination of inheritance by helping relatives and children of deceased person share and divide his or her inheritance
  • Issuance of fatwas on general and specific matters in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Undertaking of marriage clearance and certification
  • Support the preservation and promotion of Somali Islamic cultural heritage
  • List, study and take care of the civilizational and Islamic cultural heritage of the State of Somaliland
  • Identify the means likely to protect and maintain Islamic civilizational heritage of Somaliland
  • Publicize the Islamic cultural and civilizational heritage
  • Establish the foundations for cultural exchange and the principles and mechanisms of dialogue among civilizations, and promote the aspects of Islamic cultural diversity
  • Highlight and protecting the essential features of Islamic cultural diversity
  • Linkages with other Islamic countries and highlighting the Somaliland Islamic perspective on cultural diversity
  • Coordinate the publication of the Islamic cultural and civilizational heritage
  • Preparation and implementation of the five (5) year strategic plan and budget for the department.
  • Preparation and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system and tools for the Department
  • Preparation and implementation of the capacity development for all staff based on the needs assessment and in-line with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) guidelines and requirements.
  • Preparation of the annual financial estimates in consultation with the heads of sections
  • Coordinating the formulation of the department’s risk management framework, risk profiling, risk reporting and monitoring