Admin and Finance Department
  1. The department is divided into Finance, Procurement and Logistics, Administration, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Records and Archives Management Sections. The following table provides the functions for each of the 5 sections:
  • Finance Section
  • Administration Section
  • Procurement and Logistics Section

The following are the functions of the Department of Finance and Administration: -


  • Ensuring adequate provision of administrative and financial support to all departments of the Ministry
  • Organizing and keeping the financial records, revenues and expenses records of funds related to Bayt Al-Mal, endowments and Zakat
  • Coordinating the implementation of financial procurement, ICT and records management policies, procedures and systems
  • Coordinating the preparation of Ministry’s annual financial and procurement plans and budgets and monitoring their implementation/span
  • Supervising the installation and implementation of appropriate financial management and internal control systems to minimize risk and fraud
  • Overseeing the procurement and contract management functions of the Ministry
  • Assessing financial impact on the implementation of Ministry work plans and budgets
  • Overseeing annual financial audits and adequate management responses to audit queries is provided
  • Ensuring effectiveness and functionality of records management system including general, confidential and personnel records 
  • Overseeing the general welfare and discipline of Ministry staff in accordance with civil service rules and regulations and security policy of Ministry
  • Coordinating the recording of minutes of Ministry staff and management meetings
  • Effectively and efficiently managing logistics and other physical assets of the Ministry
  • Developing and maintaining corporate estate plans and ensuring cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene controls of Ministry premises
  • Coordinating the development and implementation of departmental staff training plans
  • Preparation and implementation of annual work plans and budget
  • Coordinating the formulation of the department’s risk management framework, risk profiling, risk reporting and monitoring